It is time for some changes

After three weeks of travelling around in Balkan, but also Schwitzerland, I made a decision. I decided that this blog was going to be avalible for anyone that knows english. I'm not perfect so yes, it will contain flaws but that is just the way it is. I also decided that I will start using the blog more, which is something I've thought about for a long time but I wasn't ready then. I would say that I'm ready now because through this entire trip, my camera has been in my hand, weather it has been in the city, on a mountain or on a weadding it has been with me. 
The purpouse of this blog is mostly to share some of my photos but it will soon contain some stories with the pictures. True stories that you might never have heard of. I have some work to do with the pictures and stories before they will be published but it will come one day.
If you do not know what Pictures for Cancer is then you should read this:
Pictures for Cancer is a project I started in 2014. The purpouse of the project is that people will pay for my photos but I decided to not take the money, instead I give 100% to the childrens cancerfond. If you have any other questions then you could just comment or contact me by using the information below (you can of course do this in Swedish or English, that is all your choice!)
- The facebook page named "Pictures for Cancer" 
Stay tuned!