It begins tomorrow

The posts about what I've learned about the war in Yugoslavia will begin tomorrow at 5 pm and it will continue at the same time each day during next week. The only exception is Sunday when two new posts will be posted, The last one will arrive an half hour later than usual. I want you to read the posts in the right order, and in order to help you do that I've marked each post with a number.

The parts are connected to each other in different ways so I feel like it is important for you to read them all and not just jump in to one but it is of course not obligatory to do so! And for you to not misunderstand me I want you to read the last post as well because I feel like it has an important message, even though all of the posts have an important message… Hmm, let's just say that it is important so that we can avoid misunderstandings.  And if you have any questions then you should feel free to ask!

Just to avoid another post without a picture I'll share one from Switzerland.
((PS. All of the pictures were taken by me with a Nikon D7000))