#2 The leftovers of the houses

There is so much that I could write about these destroyed houses but honestly, I do not feel like it, but I will try! I should probably add that all of the houses were found in Kozarac or around it. But do not let that fool you, these kinds of houses are spread all around Bosnia etc. And yes, this might be “usual in war” etc. but that does not make it okay at all. I am showing you these pictures because I believe that there are so many people that need to see them. There are so many people who have got this disgusting way of looking at war. They believe that the people that are living in a country that are struggling with war, are used to it so it is no problem and some arguments that I’ve also heard are that “it does not matter because it will never happen in Sweden” and “it is their own fault”… Do I even need to say what is wrong with that argument? I think that it is crystal clear. Bosnia for an example wasn’t prepared. The people had nothing when they were invaded. They stood unprepared and bare handed and yet there was a war that lasted far long enough. Look at the consequences. Look at the amount of people that died and were hurt both mentally and physically. Is that also “their own fault?” I will answer that for you: No, it is not. Now, let’s return to the houses.

The first house is pretty damaged as you can see; it wasn’t far away from my aunt’s house either. Let’s just establish what it is that we actually can see here. The top floor is totally gone, probably blown off. The roof of the house isn’t there either. The entire house was probably white too but it is not anymore, though. You can also see some bullet holes and some attempt of trying to cover up the windows. No one lives there anymore and I can understand why. Even though it is fully standing, it is probably for no better use than as a throwback to what used to be there and perhaps for some wild animal during terrible weather. But it still does not look very stabile.

The second house is some kind of former workplace for the people that worked in the army. I do not remember what side it was that worked here but I would guess that it was the Bosnian army that worked here. There isn’t much information that I have about this house but just look at the broken glass etc. I would say that it is a pretty flattering picture compared to it in real life.

The third house is totally destroyed. The “shell” of the house is still there but that is almost everything that is left. You can see that the floor, the roof, the walls inside the house, the windows, the doors, and everything that once were inside are gone. And yes, it has come to the point where there are different kinds of wild “plants” growing. The woman standing in front of the house is related to the people that once lived there. She told us that the family moved to the U.S. and are probably living a totally different life right now compared to before. They probably don’t have any bullet holes in their new house and the only floor they’ve got is probably not only on the very small balcony.

The stories about the houses keep on going but I just do not know what more to tell you about them. There are so many destroyed houses and here are only four of them.

I want you to remember that when you tell someone to “get back where they came from” this might be everything they have, would you force them back, to live in one of these houses? I sure hope not, so please think before you speak.